Sunday, 20 July 2014

Laser cut slates for 28mm terrain roofs

After getting the laser cutter up and running at the new Nerd Club home in the Boiler Room Studios, we threw some simple designs at it and had it carving out roof shingles from some 1mm birchwood laser-ply at an impressive 32mm/sec, at just 15mA.

After the nightmare that has been the BuildBrighton laser cutter in recent weeks, it was really nice to just load up a file, hit go and have some super-intricate parts drop out of the cutting bed!
We've cut a mixture of "regular" and "irregular" rows of slates and even without the cutting and swapping around we expected to have to do, got some nice-looking roof panels pretty easily

We'll have to design and cut some ridge tiles, but the overall effect is far better than a laser-etched plank of 2mm mdf - and something we're looking forward to putting on our Wild West buildings.

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