Monday 8 May 2017

Thwarted at the last!

After swapping out a couple of dodgy Nokia LCDs and some last-minute rewiring (to enable a 2000mAh lipo battery to power the whole thing as well as be charged from a regular phone charger) the back of our guitar scratchplate was looking a bit of a mess (ok, Keith, your guitar scratchplate)

We went from this.... this!

There's a lot to cram in there.
And even after doing some extra routing on the body

and tidying up the wiring (a little bit)

it finally came to assembling everything for the final dry fit.
Sadly, it didn't quite fit!

And it's a little bit late in the day to be running the router and hacking out lumps of wood from the body. So that'll have to wait 'til the morning. In the meantime, here's a final test, to make sure that the new wiring still works properly:

Everything works well;
The phone jack acts as a data connection for both midi and bluetooth data (not demonstrated in this video) as well as a charging point. The power switch allows you to flip between mains powered (the battery charges while connected) or battery powered. The second tone control has sneakily been replaced with a rotary encoder to navigate the menu. The major/minor flip switch lets you quickly and easily change between major and minor scales, while keeping the root notes highlighted in the same colour (red). All in all, it's pretty exciting.

Just a shame there was no time to get the router out and finish it off fully!

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