Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Miniature Explorer and Flying V

Following the Brighton Mini MakerFaire, and taking a few days off to help out at BuildBrighton (setting up stalls, packing away again, moving to the new hackspace and so on) it's time to concentrate on actually getting these miniature instruments finished!

Aaron from Oomlout came all the way down from Halifax to Brighton, especially for the MakerFaire but had already expressed an interest in the miniature guitars, so we demonstrated our early prototype. He wanted to buy one there and then! So we've set about making a few different guitars.

 Here's a Flying V being put together in green. We've only got 1.5mm in white, so all the scratchplates and accessories have to be white for now - so we're trying to pick colours that will show up the scratchplate well (we're sick of making stuff out of red, black would be a bit boring, blue a bit dark....)

Below is an Explorer-shaped guitar (as played by U2's The Edge, and James Hetfield of Metallica - although they tend to stick to black rather than bright sunshine yellow!)

Then we had to make a whole load of pick-ups and embellishments. In this case, we're cutting them from 3mm black acrylic - the square-shaped ones at the bottom are humbuckers and the middle bits get covered in chrome sticker to make them look authentic (although for a Les Paul type guitar, the pick-ups are usually gold coloured, rather than silver, but we've only got silver!)

A few different guitar accessories - single-coil pick-ups, humbuckers, and bridge supports

The guitars being assembled - the red stratocaster is our working prototype. The others are new designs, which have taken quite a bit of trial-and-error to get right!