Tuesday, 23 April 2013

UV lightbox controller

Another update on our UV lightbox controller. We coded up some firmware, finished soldering the board, added the buttons and potentiometers and connected up the 16x2 character LCD.

The speaker was added as something of an afterthought, but it might be nice to have a sounder when the timer expires to indicate the end of UV exposure time. The LCD has a 0.1" pin header soldered across pins 1-16 and is connected via an IDE ribbon cable soldered directly to the PCB. We powered up the board and....

...no dice. After tweaking the contrast on the display, we saw only a bunch of empty blocks. For this reason, we're not posting the schematics or firmware here, until something is working! But we know for sure that at least the backlight is connected correctly.

But just as soon as it is, we'll have a follow up post with more details!