Friday, 1 November 2013

Halloween at BuildBrighton

It was Halloween last night at BuildBrighton. Ok, it was Halloween everywhere, but at BuildBrighton last night we got right into the spirit of it. We didn't get an awful lot done (at least with our board game, we did manage to drink tea, eat pizza, and investigate some ethernet-to-uart modules) but one thing that +Christopher Hills excelled at was carving pumpkins!

Here's a photo of just about the best pumpkin we've seen for a very long time

And the contents didn't go to waste either. Chris put together a pretty tasty pumpkin pie (personally I'd have gone with more sugar and cinnamon to make it really sweet!)

And even the seeds got used up too (they were actually my favourite) - simply boiled in salt water (10 mins) then roasted in butter and salt. Delicious!

Excellent work +Christopher Hills. Here's to more "food hacking" in the up-and-coming festive months!

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