Saturday, 22 March 2014

RFID door entry enclosure

Steve has done a fantastic job of the enclosure for our new door entry system. We're using one of the ABS enclosures kindly donated by Nathan a few months back. The first thing to sort out was where the LCD display should fit. Given the shape of the enclosure, it seemed pretty obvious!

The LCD has rather a large, chunky display on the front, and a massive backlight lumped onto the side, but luckily we don't have to have the entire screen pushed into the opening - the display can be set back slightly, to leave the screen more-or-less flush with the face of the enclosure

Next, Steve scanned in the enclosure, to get a 1:1 layout for the artwork.

Then it was time to get busy with PotatoShop

The printed version was run through the CraftRobo cutter....

....and the final design is ready for fitting:

All that remains is to check everything lines up properly to make sure the scanner wasn't set to "scale to fit" or the scanned image was set to something crazy like 98%

A perfect fit! Another amazing bit of "branding" from Steve - the whole thing not only works well, but looks pretty impressive too. As there are people likely to be using the 'space over the weekend, it's looking likely that we'll have to wait 'til at least Sunday evening (perhaps Monday) before putting the new system live. But at least when we do, we know it'll look  awesome!

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