Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Wild west 28mm terrain water tower and windmill

With the miserable wet Bank Holiday, the wind rushing in off the sea, and the severe weather warnings for the South Coast this weekend, we decided to stay indoors, nice and warm, slurping tea and designing some more buildings for our Wild West town.

Water towers were quite a common feature of towns in the Old West. When the railroads came, they were vital for topping up the steam tanks, and so were generally quite high structures, dominating the skyline, even if they were not the largest of buildings.

Our water barrel is made just like a real barrel, with vertical strips of wood arranged inside some barrel hoops. We're undecided whether or not to put a sticker around the outside of the barrel, or use the natural wood appearance from the laser-cut mdf.

Although water towers (obviously) carried water, some towns also had pumps, to draw water up from the ground. Many of these water pumps were served by windmills.

Not like the european windmills that had massive sails, and loads of torque for moving enormous millstones to grind flour - these windmills were relatively small, but with loads of fans, to easily catch some of the dusty desert winds passing through

Because the weather has been so bad, we've not had chance to get down to the studio and fire up the laser cutter. But the time has been well spent, preparing. So next time we're down there, we'll be able to crank out a few more (slightly amended) buildings, and add a bit of character to our wild west town, with a bit of tabletop eye candy.

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