Monday, 3 November 2014

Farnell does it again

We ordered a load of atmega128 chips from Farnell the other day, after discovering we'd been sold a load of dodgy clones off AliExpress a while back.

The order arrived, albeit two chips short, and we set about soldering them up onto our pro-manufactured boards. Instantly, the programmer recognised them, and we managed to burn some new firmware onto them - result!

It was only when a massive box turned up at the weekend, we tried to review past Farnell orders, to see what else was on back order. The box was so big it had to be delivered via courier, no less!

Surely Farnell wouldn't be so crazy as to send two little tiny microcontrollers in such a massive box? So what was inside?

Well done, Farnell. You've outdone yourself this time!