Saturday, 13 December 2014

Game board testing

Blog posts have been a little thin on the ground in recent weeks (compared to the usual volume of noise coming out of Nerd Towers). This has been due to a number of reasons - one of which is the inordinate amount of code we've been churning out.

Coding isn't exactly a great spectator sport - likewise, it doesn't always make for particularly interesting reading. But here's a quick video showing our pro-made PCBs interfacing with a dedicated fantasy football app.

We're placing the playing pieces on the "underside" of the board here - demonstrating that the board can be used either way up, allowing us to consider offering double-sided boards (perhaps with a space shooty-game on one side, and something like a football pitch on the other).

The app has the start of some interactive commentary in there - this needs redeveloping almost entirely, but the idea is quite fun; as you move your playing pieces across the board, two lip-synched characters give an audio description of what's actually going on, on the pitch - much like Motty and Lawro do on BBC football broadcasts!

We're hoping to have our fantasy football game finished in time for Xmas, and already GrumpyPaul(tm) is looking over some zombie co-op game rules, to see how they can be "electronified" for this system.

While we're already excited about getting our football game done, it does also mean that we're going to have to paint up about two dozen miniatures to be able to demonstrate it - on top of the forty or so zombies that Paul's no doubt got lined up for a game we've tentatively called "Last Night in Zombieville" (because the domain name was available!)