Friday, 14 August 2015

I won an Orc!

For a little while now, we've be focussing quite heavily on manufacturing processes for turning our electronic board game idea into a product, including PCB populating, CNC routing and Unity game development.

One thing that has been ignored a little bit of late is miniature painting.
There are a few people on Patreon that I support, throwing a few quid into a pot each month, to help hobbyists pay for paint, materials and so on (if you're not already a Patreon supporter, why not check them out and bung a few quid/dollars to someone you like the look of? Every penny helps, and it's always nice to think you're keeping your hobby community alive, whatever it may be!)

Anyway, I'm currently supporting:

They get just a few dollars a month from me, but some of the guys have enough supporters/patrons to be able to pay for (and demonstrate, make, paint and give away) so really cool stuff. (I think The Painting Buddha runs his operation as a full-time living, as he sells instructional DVDs and has a cool workshop in Berlin that I didn't quite manage to get to last time I was over there).

Anyway, Alan (The Apathetic Fish) recently ran a random prize draw.
And I won it!
And about three weeks after getting notification, I forgot all about it. So it was a pleasant surprise when this little chap turned up in the post:

Ok, so the bright, harsh flash from the phone camera doesn't do the paint job any favours, but it's a great looking mini. The highlighting is bright enough to be noticeable without being distracting and the details are picked out with real precision.

Now I just need to either find and paint another half-a-dozen Orcs to include them in a sci-fi shooty game, or enter about a thousand other raffles and hope to win some more....