Saturday, 30 April 2016

Guitar fingerboard routing

It's been a while since we got the CNC router up and running. What with real life and work and waiting for some new router bits to arrive, it's been a long time coming. But finally, this weekend we got our fingerboard routed to the point where it's actually usable on a guitar neck. And actually mounted the neck onto a guitar to make an actual, playable instrument.


There are still a few "light leaks" but a little bit of work with some fine-tooth files to get the LEDs to fit (where they've been hand-soldered onto the PCB with a little less care than they needed) and we should have a fully sealed, ready-to-play fingerboard


So now we're onto designing a two-part PCB for the screen and controller.
We've got a working prototype on breadboard, so hopefully it's a straight-forward translation to get it onto a PCB and embedded inside the guitar body. With

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