Sunday, 13 November 2016

3D modelling PC from salvaged parts

A little while back, 3D Dave was having a bit of a clearout. He gave us a P8Z77-LX motherboard, CPU and Zotac GeoForce GTX graphics card.

A quick hit on eBay and for about fifty quid we had some memory (8Gb) and a (400Gb) hard-drive ordered. An old modular power supply completed the rig and a copy of Windows 10 for just twenty quid at meant we were ready to go, and fully legit (really, at these kind of prices, does anyone still mess about with torrents for software any more?)

Windows 10 installs much more quickly (from a usb key) than previous versions ever did; less than an hour later and we had a spanky brand new PC running both Unity and Blender, complete with a twin-screen setup, ready for some serious modelling/rigging/animation.

I've never really understood why Steve raves so much about his multi-screen set-up (three large monitors and a smaller one for emails). But after playing about with two monitors (and a half-decent PC) I can see exactly what he was talking about.

In fact, the only question I have left is - if my graphics cards has twin DIV outputs (currently driving the twin monitor set-up) can I shove a third into the HDMI slot?

Multi-screen computer FTW!

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