Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Xmas betting - BetVictor

BetVictor is one of those betting sites that are easy to miss. They don't really make much of a fuss, and their sign-up offers are not really special enough to get them noticed by the betting blogs and tipsters.

But if you hunt around on the 'web, you can easily find "old" promotions that BetVictor are still willing to honour. And I happened to find a "bet £10 get £30 free" promo.

So, as quickly as I could type in my debit card details, I put £10 into BetVictor and dropped it on some obscure football game, in order to get access to the free bets as quickly as possible.

BetVictor: £10 on Botafogo RJ @ 2.375
Betfair: £10.35 against Botafogo RF @ 2.34

BetVictor then made £30 free bets available immediately, so I stuck the whole lot on Spurs (against Man Utd) @ 3.75. In Betfair I laid it off by betting £22 against Spurs @ 3.80

Amazingly, Man Utd managed to turn around their recent run of bad luck and they won 1 - 0. So my free bet turned into £22 at Betfair (£20.90 after commission). However, Botafogo - whoever they are, and whatever sport they happen to play - won their game. So I "lost" £13.87 for my lay bet in Betfair, and won £23.75 in BetVictor.

Overall, this left me with a balance of £23.75 in BetVictor (£13.75 up because I had provided the original £10 stake) and £13.87 down in Betfair - a cost of 12p for the free bets.

My free bet returned £20.90 so the profit for this promotion was 20.90 - 0.12 = £20.78
I withdrew the full £23.75 and as soon as it hit my bank, put it straight back where it belongs - into my Betfair account!

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