Saturday, 25 February 2017

Bungalow workshop taking shape

Fewer blog posts for this month doesn't mean we've been idle. Pretty much the opposite! Work on the bungalow has continued at quite a pace and we're almost ready to start thinking about moving in. As with the walls, Cat from Freegle really came up trumps this month, with some massive heavy-duty desks.

The first and most obvious use for these was for worktops. But before we could build our worktops, we needed to make sure the floor was good and level. Which it wasn't. So, with a bit of lateral thinking, we set about cutting them up to make a nice, solid, warm, level(ish) floor!

A few battens not only meant we could easily join all the wood together easily, they also helped lift the flooring off the stone-cold concrete base (hopefully this will help keep it from getting too cold in the winter months) and even out any "undulations" our rough-and-ready concrete pouring might have created. To finish off, we'll be putting some interlocking yoga-mat-style-foam floor tiles down which will not only tidy things up, but also help improve thermal insulation.

All the desks we got from Cat were a solid 22mm thick chipboard, with laminate on the tops and edges. We used up pretty much all of the first lot with just the floor. So it was only after a second visit to collect yet more that we had enough to build our worktops.

Unlike the flooring, we decided to keep the curvy bits on the desk lids this time - even going so far as to cut one to a custom curved shape for our standing-height worktop, just to fit in with the "style" of the workshop!

Check out that curved work surface on the right. And all for no other reason than aesthetics. Steve's not the only one who can make things look nice! (although he is very good at it)

The total floor space of the workshop is almost double the size shown in the photo, we've only managed to fit out about half of it yet.

No doubt we'll have to move some shelves around after the laser cutter has come back and been installed. And things will probably get dismantled to make room for some of the bigger bits of machinery. And, of course, before we can use any of it, we'll have to get that electrical wiring finished off.....

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