Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Enclosure design

Proposed enclosure design - inside the main body are four black tubes (actually drinking straws covered in black crepe paper but only because I couldn't find any black straws anywhere!)

It still needs four buttons (to turn each of four different channels on and off) and somewhere to put the "tuning pegs" for the potentiometers (which adjust the light sensitivity levels on each input pin) but this is the initial design idea for the enclosure.

The 16x2 character display allows users to tune the inputs and select different keys/sample sets without having to refer back to the PC the device is connected to. The LEDs show which channels are currently on and off. Of course a lot of this information could be display onscreen (on the PC) when used as a USB/HID device, but keeping it off-screen allows us to modify the firmware to create a midi version of the instrument in future.