Saturday, 9 April 2011

Servo board PCB layout

Here's one PCB layout for the 20-channel servo board (minus eeprom).
For testing, we'll stick to simple USB commands to move servos on different channels. The eeprom chip is connected to pins PORTA.1-PORTA.4 but for now we're just concerned with getting all the servo channels working correctly.

The board is mirrored so it's ready to print straight onto some press-n-peel for toner-transferring onto some copper clad board. It's also a single-sided board, using through-hole (large chunky) components for easy prototyping:

After proving that this design works, we'll add the eeprom chip to the board and post complete and final schematics. The file below is posted on and if you want to make this PCB yourself, you should print at 100% with no stretching (landscape orientation).

Servo Usb Pcb