Friday, 4 November 2011

Delta robot update

Here's our delta robot after gluing the "hip" joints to the servo horns and assembling the limbs.
Note that the joints are simply bits of elastic tied through the connecting pieces. We don't know yet if this is a suitable way of making joints, but they look ok so far - and allow for multiple degrees of movement, in all different directions, not just in one direction (without having to use expensive ball-and-socket type joints)

Please, no more comments about how messy the desk is or "haven't I seen that black guitar somewhere before?" - we tend to tidy up after we've finished what we're  making. Which, given the number of projects we've actually completed, explains why the place is always such a mess!

Now to let the glue dry before trying to actually move it around.
So while that's happening, let's get on with the controller board. As ever, it'll be a USB HID device, driven by a trusty PIC 18F2455

(the final robot may not be usb-driven, but putting a USB chip on during development makes it really easy to read back values for debugging and to see what's actually going on in your code!)