Monday, 14 November 2011

PIC microcontrolled traffic lights

This is a set of traffic lights, created by the newest (and youngest) member of HackLlan, Llangollen's hackspace. Jason is also a member of our nerd club and his first microcontroller project was this funky set of traffic lights

He's used a PIC16F628A - the perfect "beginner" chip for starting out with PIC programming, although he's not really done much with the myriad of interfaces available on this chip (I2C, SPI, serial UART etc). Jason wired up the board, created the state machine for the lighting sequence and coded the Oshonsoft BASIC program to make the lights play out the same sequence as a real set of traffic lights.

The final result is quite impressive, with the 5mm LEDs mounted onto tiny little home-made PCBs, ready for fitting into their final enclosure.