Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Make your own FuzzFace guitar pedal (cont)

Following on from an earlier post, guitargeek82 got in touch to point out that the original circuit was based on a "negative power" design. When running your pedal from a PP3 battery rather than a plug-adaptor-type power source, this doesn't cause a problem (nor will it cause us any issues since we'll only be running our "pedal" off a battery, since the PCB will be embedded inside our guitar body).

But for anyone interested in making this pedal to run off a positive power supply, here are the amended files:

Fuzz Face revision 1c Schematic

Fuzz Face revision 1c PCB

And the amended silkscreen/layout is below.
The parts list remains the same as before - nothing has been added or removed, just the way the components are connected up has changed: