Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Simple Tiny Fuzz Face pedal circuit

It's been nearly a month since we've done any nerding around at Nerd Towers. Unfortunately, it's just that time of year - when everyone else is easing into the New Year and starting again, we're going hell-for-leather trying to keep real-world work from overtaking us; January is a particularly busy month for us in the real-world, so hopefully now it's out of the way we can get back to to some serious geekery.....

Despite having numerous projects on the go at the minute, there's never a better time to drop everything and start a new project, than when you're already juggling about eight balls in the air. So here's our latest one.
In fact, it's quite a quick-and-easy project and took only an evening to put together.

As we're due to move again before too long, we've been sorting out the nerd cupboard(s) and having a bit of a clear out, to make sure everything will fit into the new place. In the corner of the cupboard are a few (full-sized) guitars which we just can't leave behind. But we've not done anything with them for about 18 months.

Maybe it's time we did:
One of the easiest (and most satisfying) mods to make to a guitar is to add some onboard electronics. After a quick hunt around on the 'net we found some schematics for the original FuzzFace stomp box and decided not only to have a go at building one ourselves, but to get the chisels out and actually embed it into the guitar body, with an onboard switch to flick between "clean" and "dirty" output.

Here's the schematic:

Fuzz Face revision 1b Schematic

And the PCB layout - with components placed as closely together as possible.
Note that the two potentiometers and the DPDT switch connect to three-way connectors on the board via short wires, they are not actually mounted onto the board!

Fuzz Face revision 1b Pcb
As ever, print this onto your press-n-peel as-is so that when it is transferred onto the copper board, it is reversed. This is fine, since you're etching the bottom of the PCB, not the top - don't panic, everything will just work out in the end!