Thursday, 29 May 2014

Farnell packaging - does it get more ridiculous than this?

It's almost a year ago to the day that we noticed Farnell doing something crazy with their postal packaging. Namely going right over the top with it! The other day, in a fit of haste, I ordered some XMega chips and a pcb for programming them.

The PCB is smaller than a credit card and the chips are smaller than a penny piece. They're 10mm square. This is the box that arrived yesterday:

While I appreciate that the box containing the pcb is much larger than the pcb itself, I'm pretty sure all this extra packaging could be removed and a smaller box/envelope used...

The box felt pretty weighty for 4 QFN chips and a small PCB. Inside was....

... a whole heap of padding. And a large silver envelope in the corner. Which contained...

Contents measuring less than the size of a eurocard copper board (160x100mm). And suppliers can send 20 or more of those at a time, in the post, in a padded envelope. What's with all the packaging Farnell? Do you have reams of brown paper and a stack of boxes you need to get rid of?

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