Thursday, 29 May 2014

Yes it does

No sooner had I hit "publish" on the last blog post, than a UPS courier knocked on the front door at Nerd Towers. He had with him a massive box.

Considering I'd only bought a few things from Farnell, I presumed there'd been some mistake, or some bizarre doubling-up on an order. After all, I hadn't ordered that much. And I'd only just asked "does it get more ridiculous than this?"

The answer, it seems, is yes.

I tore into the box to see what was in it, before taking the photos. So closed it up to show what had just arrived:

Once more, half a pound of paper stuffed into a box, with a large silver envelope at the bottom. Containing a tray with some chips in it.

Inside the tray were....

6 x atmega165 chips. The fifty pence piece is to show the size of the components sent. These could easily have been fit inside an A5 envelope and sent in the regular post (after all, the label on the box says it was sent via Royal Mail, yet it still arrived via a UPS courier). Farnell do send stuff in envelopes, in the post, mostly. So I really don't understand why I've now got two massive, empty boxes and literally less than a handful of components, which fit in less than one half of one hand!

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