Monday, 13 July 2015

Getting jiggy with it (see what I did there?)

Using a jig and a stencil for applying solder paste has been quite a revelation for churning through our PCBs for the electronic board game sections - far more so than getting a rudimentary pick-n-place device working.

After just a few hours this evening, we had soldered and assembled a chain of eighteen boards for testing.

And with just one dry solder joint across all the boards, it was very encouraging indeed, to see each one responding the placement (and removal) of a magnet above each of the hall sensors

There are a few things come up with work today that may take a little time to resolve, so it's likely to be the weekend before we can get to the workshop and rout out some mdf boards to embed these in. But already things are looking very encouraging indeed. Can't wait to get a few sections daisy-chained together and actually see one of our board game apps responding to the  hardware for real!