Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Last Night In Zombieville - video production

It's of no surprise to regular readers that we're currently putting together an electronic board game, which includes playing piece tracking and an app for PC, tablets and smartphones. The idea is that we can use the same hardware for multiple games, covering multiple genres, and using lots of different rule sets.

On of our more ambitious ideas is the game "Last Night in Zombieville" - an interactive movie-based board game. Like interactive movies of the early nineties, we'll have a number of clips which are played in sequence, depending on the actions of the players.

So this weekend, a few of us hopped over to meet up with fellow nerds in Berlin for three days greenscreen video filming.

Andrea plays one of the hero characters who has the possibility of being turned into a zombie, so had twice as much work to do as the others! Here he is, playing the hero, waving around a big scary (replica) gun.

Sarah has been a make-up artist on quite a few independent horror/zombie movies (as well as being quite a proficient children's face-painter for festivals and parties) and made a great job of turning Andrea into one of the living dead.

The blood and gore were not only completely edible - being made from little more than summer fruits and food colouring - but, this being Berlin, we also completely organic and ethically sourced!

Right now, we've half-a-hard drive of video footage that needs some serious post-production to get it ready for adding to our game engine. There's enough to keep even a few of us busy for quite a while yet....