Sunday, 22 May 2011

No updates for a few days

But that's because we're bang in the middle of the Brighton Fringe Festival and there's so much going on around the city that there's not much time for nerding about!
That said, after wandering past the Theatre Royal earlier today, we came across the amazing Paka and His Mechanical Horse video from an earlier performance - hopefully one from the 2011 Fringe Festival will get posted to YouTube soon enough!

Unlike these performances the crowd was really close to the horse - the guy controlling the robotics did a fantastic job and the rider had his hand close to the emergency off switch on more than one occasion - it was so close that members of the audience were reaching out and patting the horse on the nose!

Thankfully the Fringe Organisers refuse to let Health and Safety get in the way of the performances: in just about any other place I suspect these sort of things would be barred or severely toned down!

More nerdy goodness towards the end of the month.....