Saturday, 7 May 2011

USB servo board update

We're getting close to finishing the 20-channel USB servo controller board.
This latest update has the servos in the correct place on the board (previous versions of the firmware numbered the servos according to the pins/ports they were on, but the PCB layout made them appear to be randomly placed!)

This latest update also includes a surface mount Flash eeprom, rather than an 8-pin DIP. This means that the 8-pin chip appears reversed when the PCB is printed (pin1 is top right, not top left) but when toner-transferred, will appear the right-way around. We had to swap a few pins around on PORTA to simplify the layout for the PCB so a new schematic is included below.

Also to note is that on this board, the SMT memory chip will actually be on the underside (where all the pins are soldered to the copper board).

Servo Usb Smt Eeprom Schema

Servo Usb Smt Eeprom
Print at 100% no scaling in landscape orientation to create your own press-n-peel transfer to make this USB servo controller board with SMT eeprom chip

We're also working on one last final revision of the firmware, to allow the user to place "labels" along the timeline, and to have the servo controller board jump to specific points along the timeline. This will become clearer as screenshots of the software become available....