Sunday, 29 May 2011

Simplified Invisible Instrument kit contents

It seems that we've had a massive amount of interest in the Invisible Instrument Kits already, so if you're not able to get your hands on one (either at the event, or through the BuildBrighton website) here's a list of what you need.

All the components are available through Farnell.
They've just launched a hacker/maker community called element 14 and are really helpful towards the design/prototyping community. And you can order stuff today and get it by 10am the next morning!

As well as the PCB (you can etch this yourself) you'll need:
1 x PIC 18F2455
2 x 14-pin MCU socket (optional, or replace with 1x28 pin socket)
1 x USB B-type socket
1 x 470nF capacitor
1 x 20Mhz crystal
4 x LDRs (light dependent resistors)
4 x 1M linear potentiometers

And of course, some firmware for the PIC microcontroller.
Here's a pre-compiled hex file you can burn to the chip using any PIC programmer:

That's it for the simplified kit. If you want to use the LED indicators (which light up as each input detects and triggers a sound) you might want to use

4 x 5v LEDs

Alternatively, you can use the invisible instrument to play up to 4 sounds per input, and instead of LED outputs, use the same sets of pins to connect pushbuttons to, in order to turn the extra sounds on or off. In which case, you'll need:

4 x push button switches

Happy shopping!