Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Back from Berlin

We've not really spoken much about our few days away in Berlin. Neither online, nor between ourselves. Which is a shame because we were really excited about going there and visiting a few of the different hackspaces. The problem was that the Kreuzberg region of Berlin where we were staying was pretty rough. And the so-called "hostel" we'd be invited to was little more than a doss-house squat.

After just a few days of living in squalor we changed our flights and came home. We never got to see any of the different 'spaces we'd planned on visiting scattered around the city (we'd arranged to visit the betahaus the morning after we'd arrived, which is also in Kreuzberg but got lost trying to find it!)

Graffitti is everywhere in Berlin - and especially so in Kruezberg. There are very few pictures or pieces of artwork (as shown in this photo) mostly it's mindless scrawlings, tags drawn in marker pen, and political slogans written in English.

There's a difference between "post-punk-industrial-style" and just filthy squalor. Coupled with a three-day "festival" during which thumping drum-n-bass played from midnight 'til around 10am (meaning no-one slept for the duration of the trip) we'd had enough after just a few days! Needless to say, it'll be some time before we endure another EasyJet flight to Germany's capital city!