Friday, 23 December 2011

Blood Bowl Digital

It's almost Xmas and time to down tools for a while and get all Christmas-y (despite what some people will tell you, tinsels and baubles still lead soldering irons and wire strippers in the Xmas stakes).
But before we wind down for the holiday season, we've been busy working on a website for our Digital Blood Bowl game board. We've called it Blood Bowl Digital.

A preview of the site can be found at
You can create teams and build online rosters and assign attributes and skills to all your players.
The idea behind this is to have a gateway between an online team/games manager and a way of getting player data into the game board.

Hopefully - if we manage to keep on the "nice list" for the next few days - we'll have some spanky 20x4 character displays to actually demonstrate something come Boxing Day.....