Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Blood Bowl miniatures

Back in the late 80s, Blood Bowl was all the rage, even with the cool kids who didn't even know that it had anything to do with Warhammer Fantasy miniatures, nor that Dungeons & Dragons was a game and not just an animated cartoon series on kids' TV.

Sadly none of our miniatures survived many house moves over the years (we've been nerds for a long time) - and maddeningly, the earlier, rarer pieces are commanding quite a price on eBay these days! Rather than pay over £30 for a team of original pieces, we've been looking for something a bit cheaper....

The original Blood Bowl teams were heavily armoured, with each character having lots of spikes, pads, over-sized shoulder pads and the like. The miniatures in the different teams looked very much like their Warhammer fantasy war-gaming counterparts (only without weapons).

The original Games Workshop Blood Bowl miniatures followed in this line.
But for us, Blood Bowl is first and foremost a strategy game of fantasy football that happens to include goblins and orcs and elves and other fantasy races. It's the game of football that makes the game fun and interesting to play, not the creatures that make up the different teams.

So it was really quite refreshing to find a team that were not only relatively cheap to buy (albeit second-hand) but they look more like a football team than a murdering crowd of goblins from Dungeons & Dragons:

Of course, for testing our electronic game board we can use copper discs (two pence pieces are the perfect size) but the whole thing would look much more like a board game with the correct pieces on it! Unfortunately it's that time of year again where buying stuff willy-nilly off the internet is out of the question, as friends and family members are on the look-out for gift ideas; so we'll just have to sit tight and see what Santa brings in a few weeks. In the meantime, there's the board to finish so we'll post some more updates here soon......