Saturday, 13 August 2016

BHPC vs Herts petanque trophy

This weekend the might Brighton & Hove Petanque Club are playing their annual challenge match against Herts. It's an occasion in the boules calendar that everyone looks forward to - because it's boules at the beach with beers.

This year, we thought it'd be nice to play for something other than just bragging rights. As the competition has been dubbed "the stags against the seagulls" I cobbled together this concoction:

The stag in rampant pose is from the Hertfordshire County shield. Instead of an opposing stag and shield in the middle, I thought we needed something a bit Brighton-y. And a boule. A quick hunt around on Google images and some manual tracing in Inkscape (pencil tool set to 40% smoothing) and the resulting outline looks quite nice.

Note to self: don't ever Google search images for "rampant stag" unless safe search is turned off....

I figured we could cut the design from some nice shiny acrylic (sourced from Brighton and Hove Plastics in Portslade no less) and mount it on a posh plinth as a trophy to play for at the weekend. For anyone who plays petanque in either Brighton or Hertfordshire, has a laser cutter and who wants to look like they're a member of the winning side in this illustrious competition, here are the design files to create your own:

The trophy has since been awarded. So we don't have a photo of it with our spangly Stags v Seagulls topper on it. However, here's a photo of the two teams - on a lovely sunny August afternoon.

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