Sunday, 14 August 2016

Finishing the copper for our electronic board game panel

After creating eight horizontal "rows" of copper strips, we had to complete the grid effect with vertical columns. We used masking tape as an insulator between the "layers" of copper tape.

Frustratingly, the camera slipped during the filming, so a lot of stuff is off-screen or right at the edge of the video. Stupid, cheap, poundland phone-camera tripods!

This video only ever had an intended audience of one. We made it to give to one person who hadn't seen any of the ongoing builds, to see if they could understand and follow it. We gave them a kit of laser-cut bits, some components and wanted to see if they could make a board section, without any intervention, just by watching the video.

It's poorly lit, the sound is terrible, the noise from slurping coffee is distracting, and hands and arms get in the way all over the place. Sorry.

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