Saturday, 20 August 2016

Soldering hall sensors to our copper strips

With the copper in place and the hall sensors prepared, it's time to stick them all down! It's quite easy (if not a little tedious) but if you're not confident with soldering, you can always do away with the solder and use conductive glue (we'll have to make a video showing how to use conductive glue as an alternative).

We prefer solder because it's instant. Conductive glue requires time to set (usually overnight) before it even works properly. With solder, as soon as it's cooled, you've got an electrically conductive, as well as a strong mechanical, joint.

Here's how we go about sticking our hall sensors down

This video only ever had an intended audience of one. We made it to give to one person who hadn't seen any of the ongoing builds, to see if they could understand and follow it. It's poorly lit, the sound is terrible, the noise from slurping coffee is distracting, and hands and arms get in the way all over the place. Sorry.

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