Thursday, 18 August 2016

Preparing the hall sensors for our electronic board game

With all the copper tape in place on the board, it's time to stick down the hall sensors. Before sticking them down, it's worth taking a bit of time to prepare a load of them beforehand - preparing, cutting, placing and sticking one hall sensor at a time is pretty tedious and time-consuming. We like to prepare 16 at a time, so you can feel like you're really making progress as you can complete an entire quarter of the board section in one go!

This video only ever had an intended audience of one. We made it to give to one person who hadn't seen any of the ongoing builds, to see if they could understand and follow it. It's poorly lit, the sound is terrible, the noise from slurping coffee is distracting, and hands and arms get in the way all over the place. Sorry.

Links to files, templates, laser-cutting layouts and schematics and firmware will be posted once the assembly process has been finalised.

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