Thursday, 11 August 2016

Placing copper strips on our board game panel

We're making a matrix of hall sensors in a 280mm x 280mm square. Getting PCBs made this size is really expensive (especially after the Brexit vote which made the GBP/$ rate pretty piss-poor, so buying anything from China has suddenly become quite expensive!).

But we don't need a complicated PCB - just copper strips running up and down and left-to-right that we can stick some hall sensors to will do just fine. So that's what we're doing, with copper tape.

After marking out the places for the hall sensors, we need to place the horizontal copper tracks for our hall sensors.

This video only ever had an intended audience of one. We made it to give to one person who hadn't seen any of the ongoing builds, to see if they could understand and follow it. It's poorly lit, the sound is terrible, the noise from slurping coffee is distracting, and hands and arms get in the way all over the place. 

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