Monday, 23 January 2017

Bungalow workshop carcass complete

It was with great joy and an oversized mug of tea we celebrated completing the bungalow carcass today. We lost a couple of days due to poor weather, but made up for it when the sun finally came out.

It was, of course, still icy cold - but not cold enough to stall progress. On the north-facing wall, our 1.4m wide double-opening window is now securely in place (and it still opens!)

The triumph of the day was getting the massive, heavy doors hung on the frame.

We were expecting all kinds of problems, from the frame not being square, to the doors not closing properly or maybe swinging open on their own (from the frame being installed at an angle). But none of it came to pass. The doors behave just like uPVC doors should. The open easily, close properly and when you turn the handles, lock together and make nice, tight seal against the frame.

(ok, in these photos, the uprights under the double windows haven't been fully installed - but they're in place now and everything is good and sturdy!)

After installing the doors, we finished putting the noggins in the back and side wall(s) and left the structure ready for cladding with it's first outer skin.

(more over-enthusiastic photo-taking, as the diagonal braces are not in on the "high" noggins in this photo)

Despite the freezing weather, it was a good days work (ok, allowing for brew breaks, a late start because of the overnight frost, and freezing fog in the morning, and finishing before it got dark around 5pm, it was more like a good four hours work).

The OSB sheets should be here soon and we can get the outer skin on!