Thursday, 5 January 2017

More bungalow workshop concreting

Not much really to report on the blog post this time around. More shifting buckets of ballast (it's a really bright orange colour meaning that even a super-strength 4-to-1 mix with cement and the concrete ends up a weird beige-y colour, rather than a nice bright pale grey). More humping sacks of cement around. More shuttering and pouring small sections of concrete, to give it time to go off between the early morning frosts thawing and the late evening frosts drawing in.

You can see where different ballast gives different finishes (the section in the corner nearest the mixer was made with some smaller sacks of pre-mix from B&Q after we used up all the stuff that was delivered in bulk).

The strange step in the concrete (the bit that the mixer is standing on is not going to get filled in) is because that's a rather large apple tree against the neighbour's fence. We decided to keep a wide path around the tree - access to the bottom of the garden deemed more important than having an extra couple of square feet in the bungalow - it's big enough already!

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