Friday, 20 January 2017

Bungalow workshop windows in

A few months back, we took the big bouncy van over to Kent and picked up some white pvc double patio doors and a large(ish) window for about a hundred quid. It was only when we got there,we were told the sale also included two upright windows (which had been fitted by the previous owner either side of their door frame).

So - after much deliberation - we decided to use them on the east-facing wall of the bungalow. It might make it look a bit weird from outside (as there'll be a worktop running along the inside, effectively cutting each window in half) but it also means plenty of natural daylight.

And, being east-facing, it'll get the early morning daylight but, in the summer months, shouldn't create too much of a greenhouse effect (since the sun is at it's hottest between around midday and 3pm by which time it won't be shining directly in through these windows).

We fixed the wooden framework around the sides of the window before placing it in the frame and screwing it to the existing structure. Neither of us had any idea if this is how your "supposed to do it" but it's a method that worked well for us. And the window feels good and solid, in it's new location.

We also got on with the back wall of the building, placing the necessary uprights (before it went dark, we managed to get a few diagonal support pieces in too). And the second window went in relatively painlessly too.

With the noggins in place, we're almost finished with the carcass of the structure. There are a couple of long rafters that need finalising and fixing in place, but we'll do those when we've the OSB3 sheets to put on the roof - which should allow us to position them to support any joins between the boards as necessary.

We've the large window to put in the north-facing wall, then the whole thing should be ready for the outer skin. Exciting indeed!

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