Sunday, 8 January 2017

Laying out the bungalow workshop

It was a nasty, damp, misty day, as we started to lay out the bungalow carcass. The uprights along the line of the fence are concreted in already. The uprights standing on the concrete base are to be fixed securely using M10 anchors and fence post brackets.

To give an idea of size, each of the lengths of wood is 2.4m (before being cut down).
The 75mm x 75mm sections along the breezeblocks are strapped down using 200mm long nail plates (screwed not nailed) along the back, as well as bolted through the  wood, into the tops of the blocks (using M10 anchor bolts).

Freezing fog and mid-afternoon rain brought an early halt to the bungalow build. But it's quite exciting to get a feel for how it might take shape already.

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