Wednesday, 3 August 2011

All-in-one guitar PCB

Since we're re-visiting old ideas (creating a neck PCB with traces rather than soldering wires to pins) we thought we'd try out another old idea - creating a single PCB for both the neck and body as one piece

It means we'll have to re-think the enclosure - at the minute it's been designed around how an actual guitar looks, with the neck raised slightly in relation to the body. If we're using a single-piece PCB, when the plastic front of the guitar is put into place, the fretboard (the reverse of the PCB) is about 3mm lower than the body. Then again, this would provide us with an opportunity to use a real wood laminate on the guitar neck for a more realistic fingerboard.

We also need to consider how the through-hole components affect the position of the guitar neck in relation to the body...