Tuesday, 9 August 2011

SOIC Test clip

Our homebrew ICSP programming header didn't quite work out as planned.
We're not sure why, but we just couldn't get PICKit2 to recognise the device held under the programming header - maybe the pins aren't quite making contact, or perhaps they're routing to the wrong programming pins (we checked and double-checked the connections before making the PCB though!)

It all seems a bit convoluted anyway and if we're going to have to program a few SMT/SOIC PIC chips in place, we'll need something a bit more robust than a wonky home-made board, so we found this:


It'll take a day or two to arrive (Farnell are usually pretty good with delivery times, but recently we've had a few orders split into two or more parts, and they don't always all arrive on the same day!) but we've other stuff to be getting on with in the meantime....