Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Miniature drums again

Just when it looked like we were all set to finally complete a miniature synth, our piezos arrived in the post - so naturally we dropped everything and set to work on our miniature drum kit again!

Here it is, looking more and more like a real drumkit every day...

At first, we made little acrylic circles for the tops and bottoms of each drum (see where the base of the snare drum meets the stand, for example) and covered these in shiny chrome sticker paper. Then we found some 3.5mm chrome door strip (for pimping up your car) on eBay and decided that gave a much nicer finish (see tom toms and floor drum for example).

The chrome sticker came in handy for finishing off the hi-hat, so it didn't go to waste!
Hopefully we'll get a final drumkit prototype working some time tonight....