Monday, 15 August 2011

PCBCart order is in

We've found making consistently good double-sided PCBs quite difficult of late, especially when we're working with tiny 0.20mm traces (normally we don't go lower than 0.5mm to ensure a good trace even if the etching goes a bit awry).

Having designed the PCBs for both guitar body and neck, we spent some time looking at different providers and suppliers. There are plenty of people on eBay offering PCB manufacture and we've already been in touch with

Matt from BuildBrighton suggested PCBCart and in the time it's taken other PCB manufacturers to respond to an initial request for information, these guys have built gerber files from a simple design, debugged it, confirmed and organised all the silk-screening and solder-masking and submitted the plans for manufacture.

Their response times are amazing.
I was given the task of investigating PCBCart. I posted my order to them at about midnight and went to bed. The next morning there was an email from PCBCart asking to confirm a few things - after I emailed, I got a reply within minutes (not hours or days like other fab-houses) and in less than 30 minutes and a flurry of emails, the boards were ready for production!

I was really impressed with their service and how quickly and keen they were to get everything sorted out. After filling the online quote/order form out (they even accept PayPal) and paying a rather reasonable £140 for 200 pieces, our boards are in production and we hope to have them in about 12 days. If the quality of the manufacture matches their customer support, we should have some fantastic PCBs in less than two weeks - it's taken longer than that for some of the other manufacturers to respond to our initial query.

Hopefully that will be the last piece of the miniature guitar puzzle in place and we can start assembling them for real!