Sunday, 14 August 2011

More laser cutting magic

In a desperate attempt to prove to a friend that our laser cutter (see, no longer the spanky new laser cutter - how long did that take?) is more than just a big "boy's toy" I had to find something useful to make with it.

Unfortunately, a kit of parts for a CNC pick-and-place machine (our next major project) is seen only as yet another "boy's toy" and doesn't count. Neither does anything involving gears, cogs, or PCB enclosures. Clocks only just count, but we've already made one of those, so need to come up with something else. Something that appeals to non-nerdy people.....

Here's what I came up with.
Funky vibrant herb markers.

No seriously, a range of herb markers in bright funky colours.
Not only do they brighten up the garden (useful if you're a crap gardener and all your flowers die off early) and serve a useful function (telling you what should be in place of that patch of bare soil) they're frost resistant and easy-wipe clean. The perfect "gardening solution".

The problem, of course, in designing the entire set of six in one laser cutting dxf file, is I've now got a spare five sets in various colours. And a whole load of little tiny acrylic letters! Look out for "funky vibrant herb markers" on eBay soon!