Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Lexmark X73 all-in-one printer scanner

I got one of these off eBay today.
I'd been scouring Freecycle for a while and any time a scanner or a printer came up, put in a reply begging for it - sometimes even explaining that it was going to be fully recycled into something more interesting and infinitely more useful (although perhaps that's why no-one ever got back to me) - but nothing came up.
So I put a bid on this Lexmark X73 and won it. For an amazing 50p!

It was a bit cumbersome, travelling across Brighton & Hove with it (and a sort-of-working monitor I also got for 50p but that's for another post) under one arm, mounting and dismounting a variety of buses, but worth it in the end.

It took less than 45 minutes to reduce an all-in-one printer/scanner to this pile of recyling/rubbish...

...and this pile of rather useful looking parts:

Here's what I managed to salvage -
a) 0.1" and 0.05" pitch ribbon connectors
b) two-wire motor
c) rods and rails
d) cogs/gears/pulleys
e) four wire stepper motor
f) 5mm pitch belt
g) 2.5mm pitch belt
h) six wire stepper motor
i) my dismantling tools (not included!)

And of course, a fairly beefy power supply - 30VDC 1A output
Given that this power supply came with the printer/scanner, we can safely assume it's good enough to power all motors together - there's only one way to know for sure, but it's getting late (it took nearly three hours to get across the city and back again on the buses this evening, so I didn't get started 'til 10pm) so it'll have to wait 'til the morning now.....