Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Holy moley - look at these PCBs

Well just as we'd got some piezos into our little drum kits, there was a ding-dong on the door of Nerd Towers, and a DHL parcel arrived. It was the double-sided PCBs from PCBCart! Like spoilt kids at Christmas, we immediately forgot about what we were doing and ripped apart the latest present to arrive. Impressive looking stuff...

Black solder mask, hot-air-solder-levelled (HASL) contacts and lovely white silkscreen on the front:

Here's one in place on an actual miniature guitar:

We've got some tiny quarter-pitch cable soldered onto one of the PCBs already - now we just need to mount a miniature USB socket onto a board so we can try the actual device out and make sure everything works as it should!