Sunday, 21 August 2011

Drumkit starting to look like a drumkit

Not had much time this weekend to do much work on the new drumkit (let alone finish off the miniature synth which, although working, still doesn't have a shell for it!) but did manage an hour or so to cut out the rest of the drum rims and a neato stand for the snare drum.

The floor tom also has legs attached and the drum body stands off the floor now, but it's the snare stand that we're particularly pleased with!

Coming up with a working crash/ride cymbal is proving quite tricky (although we've got the designs for the stand down now!) And of course, we need a nice solid way to mount the tom-toms on top of the bass drum. Most real drumkits have a central column with two pieces coming off it (a bit like a letter T)...

... whereas some have two distinctly different mounts, one for each tom:

Whichever method we use, we'll have to have some sort of hollow tubing, to stuff the wires up to keep them out of sight! So with that in mind, two separate stands might actually be easier to work with (joining two hollow tubes at right angles, while keeping the route clear for wiring sounds tricky to us!)

But already it's late - that'll have to stay as a problem for the morning.